Game Jox is an Abacus3-sponsored podcast where Josh Gabay sits down with the gaming industry’s insiders, influencers, and players.

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Streaming From a Hobby Into a Business
– Zach “Zeenigami” Nguyen

In Episode 1, YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer Zach “Zeenigami” Nguyen talks about his experiences in streaming — from how he got started in the streaming space to motivations that keep him doing what he does best. Zeenigami describes the trendy world of streaming and what you can do to turn your hobby into a business.

Designing Culture and Gaming – Mark Nausha

In Episode 2, Mark Nausha, former SMU Guildhall Director, current President of Abacus3, and game designer by trade, dives into the game design culture and integrates elements of gaming in events through his current work. Nausha explains his motivations to gamify events as well as his strides for gaming inclusivity and education.

Building Collegiate Esports on Your Campus – UCLA Esports

In Episode 3, UCLA Esports executive members Cole, Naveen, Cathy, and Sunny go through the steps to create a collegiate esports scene on university campuses. Their strategies and advice involve having a passionate mindset to satisfy and complement the gaming student body and beyond.

Gaming from a Parent’s Perspective – Stephanie Chavez

In Episode 4, Stephanie Chavez, mother of two, shares her personal story of the impact gaming has had on her as well as her children. Stephanie’s first-hand knowledge on gaming and esports features debunking gaming myths, providing insightful reasoning on gaming in moderation, and educating on the many opportunities available in the gaming industry.

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