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16 Aug 2019

Dallas Morning News to Cover Dallas Fuel Matches

As esports continues to grow in popularity, more and more mainstream media outlets, such as ESPN and The Washington Post, are beginning to cover it. The latest outlet to join this trend is the Dallas Morning News (DMN), which recently announced that it will start reporting on Dallas’ local Overwatch team, the Dallas Fuel, in […]

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13 Aug 2019

Gary Vaynerchuk Invests in Minnesota Call of Duty Team

The rapid growth and potential of esports is attracting a wide variety of investors from all over the world and all kinds of fields. One such investor is entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, the CEO of social media agency VaynerMedia and chairman of communications company Vayner X. Recently, Vaynerchuk acquired a stake in Minnesota’s Call of Duty […]

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31 Jul 2019

Madden NFL 20 Championship Plans Include Pizza Hut and Snickers

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) and the National Football League (NFL) have recently announced their plans for this year’s Madden NFL 20 Championship Series (MCS). The various stages of the MCS will run alongside major NFL events, including the kickoff, playoffs push, Super Bowl, and draft. As an open registration event, this year’s MCS will have […]

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26 Jul 2019

Activision Blizzard Unveils New Overwatch League Format for 2020

While the current Overwatch League (OWL) season is still in progress, Activision Blizzard has already announced plans for next year’s season. In 2020, the League will be moving away from its four-stage format and away from the Blizzard Arena venue in Burbank. Instead, teams will play in a new format based around homestand weekends in […]

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24 Jul 2019

The Women of Esports

Where are the Women of Esports? Whether they be game producers, CEOs, managers, designers, streamers, or gamers themselves, women are in inundated throughout the esports industry, you need only take a closer look. “We started looking at the female players and noticing that they were just as good, if not better than the male players,” […]

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19 Jul 2019

Twitch Remains the Number One Streaming Platform in Q2 2019

Though Twitch experienced a slight decrease in viewership for the first time during Q2, it still came out as the number one streaming platform of the quarter and achieved its second largest quarter yet. According to a study by StreamElements, 70% of all livestream hours watched in Q2 were on Twitch, which amounts to about […]

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17 Jul 2019

Esports Stadium Arlington to Host 2019 Esports Awards

On November 16th, gamers and fans alike will gather to celebrate esports teams, players, coaches, and video game developers at the international 2019 Esports Awards ceremony. Previously held in London for the past three years, The Esports Awards have been moved to the Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas for its fourth annual ceremony. “The majority […]

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17 Apr 2019

There Are Now Varsity Esports Programs in 9 States

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) launched its inaugural esports season, which it referred to as “season zero,” in October of 2018. The season began with the participation of five states: Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The season ran from October 30 to December 11, featured five-player teams playing League […]

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10 Apr 2019

Brands Find Innovative Ways to Reach their Audience through Twitch

Advertising on Twitch is nothing new. Viewers are very familiar with seeing rotating logos and cut-in ads on a streamer’s channels. Now, however, brands are seeking a deeper connection with their audience, and many are finding it by bypassing partnerships to create their own channels. When Amazon purchased in 2014 streaming was still in […]

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03 Apr 2019

How Esports Enhances a STEM Education

Once thought by many to be a sedentary waste of time, the respect given to esports has turned so dramatically that programs are now cropping up on college and high school campuses. There is even increasing evidence that esports can be utilized to bolster a STEM learning environment.  STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, […]

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