The Abacus3 Vision

Esports is the great equalizer. Esports is the connective tissue to bring people together.  We focus on the growth and sustainability of esports.

We believe in the power of technology to improve people’s lives and to bring people together.  Esports and gaming are about the community of people who organize around them. Esports creates a level playing field regardless of where people begin, and we strive to further the betterment of the community through innovative tools and through access to first-class infrastructure.

For decades, brands have been mired in the past, chasing mere impressions, and metrics that might validate their marketing spend.  We believe esports holds more promise than simply being the next frontier of entertainment, but an opportunity to redefine “marketing” as something measured in “immersions” rather than “impressions” and allow brands to bring real value to their target audiences.  Abacus3 exists to create esports engagements, and leverage experiences that connect brands with fans in meaningful ways. As a result, the entire ecosystem benefits everyone involved.

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Let’s create something great together.