Skillz and the IDGA Partner to Support Mobile Developers

23 Sep 2019

Skillz and the IDGA Partner to Support Mobile Developers

Mobile esports platform Skillz has recently announced a partnership with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). Skillz’s 30 million players and 20,000 game developers will be connected to IGDA’s network of 10,000 developer chapters and special-interest groups. The partnership seeks to give game developers new tools that will allow them to retain, engage, and monetize content, thereby creating sustainable businesses.

As part of the partnership, members of the IGDA will have the chance to compete in the Skillz Global Game Developer Challenge for two grand prizes worth $50,000 each. The competition entails integrating Skillz’s infrastructure into a mobile game, launching the game by September 30, and sending the App Store link or Android application package to Skillz. Entries will then be reviewed by Skillz game designers, who will provide gameplay feedback and advice on creating competitive gaming formats. 

The tools, feedback, resources, and connections provide a great opportunity for developers to break into mobile gaming during an Age of Abundance where gaming apps are plentiful. Currently, mobile gaming is 50% larger than the film industry with thousands of apps available, so standing out among the crowd is vital. Having a partnership with a large company can assist with distributing games to the millions of mobile players around the world. Additionally, the tools Skillz provides could help game developers further personalize their game’s storytelling, a critical component for mobile games.

Developers will also have greater access to data analytics, which will help them better understand their customers and other revenue-making opportunities. For example, this partnership could create a path for game developers to connect with streamers who can showcase their game and push a game’s personalized storytelling to a larger audience. This allows both the developer and streamer to monetize.

Skillz and the IDGA are excited for their new partnership. Says Andrew Paradise, Founder and CEO of Skillz, “Game makers are the unsung heroes of esports, designing the engaging content that drives a growing multi-billion dollar industry forward. By giving some of the most talented creators in the world access to the Skillz community and technology platform, the industry’s brightest rising stars can showcase their passions to the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers.”

Renee Gittens, Executive Director of the IDGA, adds, “Partnering with Skillz is an incredible opportunity for us to unite with the preeminent leader in mobile esports. It’s more important than ever to support the thousands of creators working alone or in smaller studios, given the increasing accessibility and resulting competition in the space. We’re working with Skillz to give developers the tools and connections they need to make their games successful.”