Madden NFL 20 Championship Plans Include Pizza Hut and Snickers

31 Jul 2019

Madden NFL 20 Championship Plans Include Pizza Hut and Snickers

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) and the National Football League (NFL) have recently announced their plans for this year’s Madden NFL 20 Championship Series (MCS). The various stages of the MCS will run alongside major NFL events, including the kickoff, playoffs push, Super Bowl, and draft. As an open registration event, this year’s MCS will have the highest number of competitors ever in the history of Madden esports. 

The MCS starts with the Madden NFL 20 Classic, which runs from August 30 to September 1. It will be held at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the largest esports facility in North America. The event will also be streamed on Madden NFL’s Twitch and Youtube channels. After the Classic, players can compete in the Madden NFL 20 Club Championship from December 18 to 21. In the Club Championship, players will have the opportunity to represent one of 32 different NFL teams. Following that is the Madden NFL 20 Challenge on Super Bowl weekend, which is January 30 to February 1. Lastly, the MCS concludes with the Madden NFL 20 Bowl, which is from April 23 to 25, coinciding with the NFL Draft. During the Bowl, the sixteen highest performing competitors will face off for the chance to be crowned Madden NFL champion.

Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

By tying Madden’s schedule closely with the NFL’s schedule, EA and the NFL hope to generate even greater fan engagement, viewership, and publicity than ever before. Matt Marcou, Madden NFL Competitive Gaming Commissioner, states, “Last season was a monumental year for the Madden NFL Championship Series as millions competed and we achieved record viewership. In continued partnership with the NFL and its 32 clubs, we intend to accelerate player and spectator growth by aligning closely with the NFL calendar. Football fandom and Madden NFL engagement feed off each other and we’re confident this connection will further inspire our players and spectators.”

Rachel Hoagland, NFL Vice President and Head of Gaming and Esports adds, “We view esports as a key accelerant to growing the NFL. It enables new ways for young fans to engage in the sport through Madden NFL competition. Competitive Madden unlocks great potential as the authenticity it provides enhances engagement and the connection between our 32 NFL Clubs and football fans around the world.”

Besides connecting MCS events to NFL events, the inclusion of SNICKERS and Pizza Hut as MCS sponsors also aims to attract young fans, who are now spending more time gaming and watching livestreams than attending sports events or watching television. SNICKERS is a returning sponsor that will focus on highlights and memorable moments, as it did in the previous MCS. Pizza Hut, meanwhile, has the unique position of holding the first virtual stadium rights deal in esports. During MCS Major live tournaments, players will play in an in-game Pizza Hut Stadium, which may earn Pizza Hut more attention than branding a real-life stadium would.

Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut’s Chief Brand Officer, remarks, “Pizza and sports go hand in hand, and esports is no exception. Pizza Hut has always been a trailblazer in the gaming space, from the days of tabletop Pac-Man in our restaurants, to now, becoming the first-ever brand to have an official virtual stadium rights deal in esports. The goal of all our partnerships is to create 360 fan engagement and we are thrilled to join forces with EA sports to create memorable experiences that connect fans to their favorite sports like never before.”

The Superstar and Ultimate Superstar editions of Madden NFL 20 are available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Fans who pick up these special editions can get a head start on the competition and play online before the standard edition’s release date on August 2.

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