Month: March 2019

27 Mar 2019

ESPN Creates New College Esports Championship

ESPN, the sports television giant, is making a significant, and further, commitment to esports. After agreeing to air live matches of the Overwatch League last year, ESPN recently announced the creation of the College Esports Championship (CEC), a declaration that seems to confirm ESPN’s commitment to the growing popularity of esports. According to the ESPN […]

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21 Mar 2019

Overwatch League Launches Ambitious Home-and-Away System

“I love it when a plan comes together.” Those words, spoken frequently by Hannibal, the leader of “The A-Team,” are the penultimate bit of sage wisdom to emerge from that 80s viewing staple – second only to Mr. T’s sympathetic feeling toward anyone who opposed him or his organization (i.e., “I pity the fool.”). Feature […]

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13 Mar 2019

Navigating the Burgeoning Esports Merch Business

In a calmer part of London’s energetic Shoreditch district, an area known for its contemporary shopping and dining options, sat a brick building that was anything but quiet. Music blasted from the open doors and a huge, graffiti-style logo of the esports team Fnatic was painted on the wall. This was Bunkr, the world’s first […]

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05 Mar 2019

NYXL, T-Mobile, and the “Local” Esports Opportunity

Earlier this month, esports continued its steady march into mass market acceptance when The Overwatch League’s (OWL) New York Excelsior team (NYXL) signed on T-Mobile as a presenting sponsor during the league’s second season. For the uninitiated, OWL is unique in esports because its franchises are geolocated (read: city specific). Owners purchase the rights to […]

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