Month: January 2019

31 Jan 2019

Standalone Esports Events – Marketing

As we’ve previously discussed, putting on a standalone esports event is more complicated than it may initially appear. As the esports industry matures, the requirements to put on a commanding esports event become more complex and sophisticated. We’ve already talked about the things you need to be thinking about when it comes to volunteer management, […]

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23 Jan 2019

Analysis Ambulation

“You get what you measure.” It’s a sentiment that’s been communicated to generation after generation of marketing folks. Put differently, there are two ways to get a bullseye in darts: you can either hit the bullseye, or you can hit the wall and draw a bullseye around it. If you’re looking to be successful in […]

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16 Jan 2019

Esports & Pop Culture Crossover

December 19, 2018 marked a special day in esports. Why? Because it’s the day that Marvel published the first of a series of comics in partnership with Riot Games that aims to flesh out League of Legends’ already robust mythology. Each issue will tell more detailed stories about individual LoL champions, the first of which […]

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09 Jan 2019

Temp & Permanent Installs: What to Know

The rapid growth of esports brings with it a correspondingly rapid growth of the events that support them. This growth also brings a change to the fabric of the industry. Investors new to the esports space will be tasked with putting on events, some of which will be temporary installs and some will be permanent. […]

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04 Jan 2019

PlayVS Series B Funding

As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, one of the biggest challenges facing esports players, teams, sponsors, and IP owners is predictability. In order to use their practice time effectively, aspiring pro players need to have a good idea of how that practice will help them down the path to potentially getting signed by a […]

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