Month: December 2018

18 Dec 2018

Player and Team Brand Values

Esports Branding – Challenges & Opportunities Branding in esports can be a tough onion to peel. Players are seeking to build their brands to either establish themselves as streamers or to get picked up by a team. Both teams and leagues are trying to establish their own identities with a couple of goals. First off, […]

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05 Dec 2018

Logistics of Planning Standalone Esports Events

As we’ve previously discussed, putting on a standalone esports event is more complicated than it may initially appear. As the esports industry matures, the requirements to put on a commanding esports event become more complex and sophisticated. We’ve already talked about the things you need to be thinking about when it comes to volunteer management, […]

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03 Dec 2018

A Song Written for the League of Legends World Championship Has Hit the Charts

Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal Riot Games recently signed a deal allowing the digital music distribution service FUGA to stream its League of Legends music. Normally, it may not be big news to announce that a streaming service will now feature video game music. But when one of those songs, the recently released “POP/STARS,” […]

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