Month: April 2018

24 Apr 2018

The Evolving Esports Ecosystem

From groups of friends getting together and connecting computers via LAN cables to play video games, a billion-dollar industry was born. Those humble origins were the foundation for the current esports industry where media giants manage tournaments and individual players can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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20 Apr 2018

As Competition for Esports Streaming Heats Up, DreamHack and Twitch Sign a Multi-Year Deal

DreamHack has already established a significant place in esports history. The first-ever League of Legends World Championships took place at DreamHack in the summer of 2011. Countless victories and close defeats have been witnessed by thousands across a diverse selection of games, including StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota […]

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13 Apr 2018

The Lucrative Esports Business is Attracting Big-Name Sponsors

In 1980, Atari held a national Space Invaders competition. The event is considered to be the first formal video game competition. The contest drew 10,000 participants, which is a pretty impressive number for the time. Yet, while Space Invaders was a cultural phenomenon, the competition didn’t move the needle for many beyond those who were […]

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09 Apr 2018

The Rising Tide: 2019 Changes to the European League Championship Series are Geared Toward Long-Term Prosperity

Big changes are coming to the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) that are likely to benefit everyone involved: players, teams, league, and sponsors. For years, the EU LCS operated as a promotion and relegation system, similar to European football and some other European sports. In a promotion and relegation system, teams bounce between different […]

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03 Apr 2018

Turtle Wax is Growing its Esports Footprint: Why This is a Great Predictor for the Industry

Turtle Wax and esports may not initially be the first combination that springs to mind, but the automotive appearance product manufacturer is greatly increasing its commitment to its esports sponsorships. This is significant for two reasons. First, it was just two years ago when Turtle Wax tentatively dipped its toe in the esports sponsorship water. Its […]

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