Year: 2018

18 Dec 2018

Player and Team Brand Values

Esports Branding – Challenges & Opportunities Branding in esports can be a tough onion to peel. Players are seeking to build their brands to either establish themselves as streamers or to get picked up by a team. Both teams and leagues are trying to establish their own identities with a couple of goals. First off, […]

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05 Dec 2018

Logistics of Planning Standalone Esports Events

As we’ve previously discussed, putting on a standalone esports event is more complicated than it may initially appear. As the esports industry matures, the requirements to put on a commanding esports event become more complex and sophisticated. We’ve already talked about the things you need to be thinking about when it comes to volunteer management, […]

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03 Dec 2018

A Song Written for the League of Legends World Championship Has Hit the Charts

Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal Riot Games recently signed a deal allowing the digital music distribution service FUGA to stream its League of Legends music. Normally, it may not be big news to announce that a streaming service will now feature video game music. But when one of those songs, the recently released “POP/STARS,” […]

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28 Nov 2018

Standalone Esports Events – Volunteers

  If you’re looking at putting on a standalone esports event – and for the sake of clarity, that’s an event that’s being organized, planned, and executed, by you / your team, on your own dime – the single most important term (the one you should write on your palm every morning when you wake […]

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15 Nov 2018

Esports Sponsor Leadership Tips

  At this point, most brands- endemic and non-endemic – understand that esports represent a huge opportunity. The data about the appeal of the esports audience is well documented, as are some approaches that could work to get non-endemic brands interested enough to invest. But there’s definitely more room to help the process of incorporating […]

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13 Nov 2018

Esports Event Streaming: 101

If you’re planning to put on an esports event, the list of business and technical requirements you need to take into consideration is substantial. As with any kind of a large project, the best way to ensure success is to break it down into smaller tasks that will interlock at the project’s conclusion to form […]

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08 Nov 2018

 A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Esports

In 1982, Tom Hanks (that’s two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks) starred in a made-for-TV movie called “Mazes and Monsters.” It’s…not good. The movie focuses on four college students who spend their free time playing a fictionalized version of Dungeons and Dragons. By the time the film wraps up, two characters have made attempted suicide, […]

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06 Nov 2018

Increasing Credibility: What Celebrity Investments Bring to Esports

As esports has increased in popularity, the number of investments made in the space has grown dramatically. In fact, 2018 saw the biggest quarter in the industry’s history with almost $2 billion in disclosed investment funding – up nearly 10 times from the same point last year. This increased interest by investors is not surprising. […]

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06 Nov 2018

Greg Skasko Joins Esports Advisory Firm eGency Global as Chief Operating Officer

DALLAS – November 6, 2018 – eGency Global – a leading esports sponsorship marketing, media, and event firm – is pleased to announce that Greg Skasko has joined the organization as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining eGency Global, Skasko spent 11 years at AT&T in Assistant Vice President and Director roles in entertainment marketing […]

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